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                sky / forest / water          rhythm / future / elemental        bold / wearable / magic         

Chelsey Kantor is a Los Angeles based artist and designer, 

raised in Vermont and educated in upstate New York. 

Over the last decade, she has worked with jewelers in  Vermont, Santa Fe, New York City and Los Angeles. 

She is a certified Gemologist with the Gemological Institute of America. 


Jewelry is made from reclaimed metals and sustainably sourced, conflict free gems/minerals:

 Diamonds from Australia, Pyrite from Germany and Petrified Coral from Alaska. 

100% hand produced in the United States, by skilled craftsmen and women. 


A percentage of all sales goes to the 

National Resource Defense Council’s Save BioGems champaign. 

Save BioGems is an initiative to preserve the continent’s most endangered 

natural treasures, while also contributing to the sustainability of the plant. 

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Giving a little back to that which inspires us